The Perfect Classroom Resource


Do you need a way to help students retain information throughout the year?

Are you looking for a creative, differentiated way to introduce or review content material?

Do you wish more than anything that you could train your students to reference their notes when they have a question, instead of asking you first?

If you answered YES to these questions, then the OMG is just the resource you have been looking for!

OMG Collection

The Outstanding Mastery Guide (OMG) is packed with creative graphic organizers which contain steps, examples and vocabulary for each key concept encountered throughout the year. The OMG serves as a visual reference that students keep in their notebook and use in class or at home when completing homework, studying, or working through spiraling material.

OMG's can be created with very little out of pocket expense or preparation!  Let our books guide you to transform the way you teach Math, Science,  Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Each book contains a full set of differentiated reproducible templates that will empower your students to create various folded graphic organizers.  The organizers are then secured in a standard 3-prong pocket folder.  When folded the folder is transformed into an ongoing reference that will put a years curriculum right at your student's fingertips!

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