Math Algebra 1 (TEKS) Web Application


The Math Algebra 1 (TEKS) OMG contain the following differentiated graphic organizers:

    • Causation vs. Correlation
    • Combining Functions
    • Function Families
    • Functions
    • Intercepts
    • Language of Algebra
    • Linear Functions
    • Representing relationships between Quantities
    • Equations and Inequalities
    • Linear Inequalities
    • Slope
    • Slope Intercept Form
    • Systems of Equations
    • Domain and Range
    • FOIL
    • Graphing Quadratics
    • Solving Quadratics
    • Transforming Quadratics
    • Writing Quadratics
    • Exponential Functions
    • Growth & Decay
    • Operations with Functions
    • Powers and Roots
    • Arithmetic Sequences
    • Geometric Sequences
    • Solving Literal Equations 

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