Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our OMG's.  Please read them over.  If you have any additional questions you can email:  [email protected]

Q. What exactly is an Outstanding Mastery Guide (OMG) and how can I utilize this in my classroom?

A. OMG is a teacher resource that guides a teacher to have each student build a collection of graphic organizers for the entire years instructional content.

Q. What subject areas do you offer?

A. OMG's are available in Math grades 2-Algebra 2; Science K-High School Biology; Middle Grades Social Studies; Conventions of Standard English Grades 6-10.  For a complete listing of our products and a description of each click here.

Q. We use graphic organizers now.  What makes OMG different?

A. OMG is different from other graphic organizers in that ours are content specific and all of the work has been done for you.  Each of our OMG's contain curricula with video tutorialssuggested layoutsreproducibles, and vocabulary to create a graphic organizer for each concept encountered throughout the year - all differentiated to meet the various needs of your students.

Q. What materials are needed to implement an OMG at my school?

A. To implement OMG, the teacher needs our resource, a 3 prong folder with pockets for each student, glue sticks, and black and white copies on colored paper.

Q. Seems like constructing an OMG is complicated.  How will I know where to glue and make the cuts/folds for each of the graphic organizers?

A. The making or our OMG's has been simplified!  There is a consistent scheme of cutting on dashed lines and folding on solid lines.  A video tutorial for each graphic organizer is provided to guide you in the process. Suggested layouts help you arrange your OMG and we are just an email away!

Q. What is the cost per student to make an OMG?

A. After the initial purchase of our guide, the program can be implemented in a class for about $2.00/student.

Q. What format(s) does your product come in?

A. Our products come in two platforms: an online web application and a spiral bound web application w/book combo.  Both are intuitively organized by strand.

Q. Why are the web applications less expensive than the web application w\book combo? Does it have less content?

A. The price of the book/web combo is more expensive due to printing and shipping costs.  Everything that is in the web\book combo is also on the web application.

Q. If I buy the web application, does it expire after a certain time?

A. NO!  We believe that if someone buys a resource, then they should have access to that resource for as long as they need it.  The Web application does not have an expiration date.

Q. I’m interested but not sure where to start.  Does your company offer on-site training?  If so, what is the cost?

A. Yes we offer on-site training at your school or district.  Please contact: [email protected] or [email protected] for availability and prices.

Q. May a co-worker and I share the OMG book or web application?

A. Purchasing our product provides the rights to display and print the content for one user only.  In addition, the web application only allows one person to be logged-in at a time.

Q. Who can I contact if I have any additonal questions?

A. We'd love to hear from you.  Please fill out our contact form by clicking here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.