Outstanding Mastery Guide - Language Arts
The Outstanding Mastery Guide (OMG) for language arts is our Conventions of Standard English and is aligned to the Common Core Curriculum. This OMG is designed for introduction in any grade 6th - 10th and is packed with differentiated graphic organizers that contain the skills and conventions of written language.  These are skills that can be introduced in the elementary years and refined through the middle and high school years. The structure of this product encourages vertical teaming in an ELA professional community.

Our OMG products contain:

  • Pictures of a completed student OMG
  • A alignment chart showing the graphic organizer covering each standard.
  • A proven school wide implementation plan.
  • Three differentiated black line masters for each graphic organizer.
  • A vocabulary sheet black line master to record terms, definitions and examples.
  • A parent letter explaining the OMG program.
  • Video tutorials to show how each graphic organizer is folded and the overall OMG folder setup

             Common Core Aligned