"It's a total study guide for all my math need and problems."

W. MCFall - 6th grade student

"The implementation of the OMG program had a huge impact on state test scores for our school.  The consistent and pervasive use in all the math classes impacted the high achieving students with special needs because of the adaptability of the design."
Monte Beaver - Middle School Principal

"I love my OMG because it is easy to access and it has everthing in it that I need! I can use it when studying for a test or doing homework. It's a lot faster to go through than a textbook!"
A. Freeman - 8th grade student 

"While attending CAMT 2014, I attended a session led by Rhonda Davis & Leslie Hilderbrand, two Georgia educators. I was just recovering from foot surgery and hoping that standing in line for an hour would be worth it. As we stood in line, we were all discussing which sessions had been good, how to guarantee getting a seat in a session and most of all, would the session apply to secondary grades. Well, the hour session flew by due to be fully engaged in both conversations and creating our own OMG! I'd say the wait in line was completely worth it, so much that I bought the 6th, 7th and 8th grade books!"
Elizabeth Pauley - Teacher

"We recently made our OMG and did the first foldable, the Algebraic Expressions one. Even though I am a veteran teacher, one bit of advice for y'all, warn people that 6th graders CANNOT cut on a dotted line! LOL It's like childbirth, YOU FORGET these things when you rarely have them do it. HA HA! They do like it though, and have already asked when we are going to make the next one. Thanks for doing these workshops and I will tell others about you. Have a great day!"
P. Clements - Teacher

"I was so impressed with your product that I convinced my principal to buy the gr. 3-5 guides. Thanks so much for introducing me to your study guides."
D. Tucker - Teacher

"I not only attended but bought the 6th through 8th grade book. I then brought it back and shared it with our district's middle school math teachers. I think you have created a great tool. Thank you for your hard work."
J.Hewston - Teacher - South Carolina

"I enjoyed your workshop thoroughly!!!! I am actually conducting a professional development session at my school to try and get the entire math department at my middle school to use your OMGs. Thank you so much!"  
S. Tanner - Teacher - Greenville, SC

"This is an excellent quick reference guide to assist students with disabilities. It gives students who traditionally struggle in math an organized, colorful, compact, easy to handle graphic organizer."
Tara Douds - Ed. Evaluator, Special Education Dept. Chair

"The OMG is great for studying and helps me remember everything I've learned in math class!"
D. Harvey - 8th grade student

"The OMG has helped me in so many ways! I do not dread studying for math anymore because if I ever get stuck, I can just pull out my OMG and everything I need is right at my finger tips!"
S. Council - 8th grade student

"I used to drive my teacher insane asking her question, but then I made my OMG. Now I don't have to ask her questions because I can look up the answers myself!"
J. Hollis - 8th grade student

"I love my OMG! It is a very good resource if I'm stuck on homework or studying for a test. The OMG holds all kinds of things, from solving equations to math vocabulary. It is also easy to get to because it fits in the front of my math binder."
G. Witcher - 8th grade student